Auction To Benefit Historical Society

The Clifford Township Historical Society has been offered a unique opportunity to raise much needed funds to help maintain and improve their Local History Museum, Hoover School, Children’s Garden and Agricultural Museum. Adequate funding for the Yarns Cider Mil project has already been pledged.

Just Sold Auctions, a newer business at the strip mall in Clifford , that holds two auctions each month ,has offered to have a separate table of items for sale that have been donated to the Society for that expressed purpose. The first auction to include the Society’s merchandise will be held January 20 from 3:30 to 5:00 pm. ( in person only) no online bidding. We hope you will join us at the auction building 1866 state route 106 Suite 8 Clifford Pa. 18413 to help support the historical society’s projects. Information can be found on the Just Sold Auctions Facebook page , Cliffordpa Facebook page, www. or contact Bridgette Wiley at or 570-815-2410. Future auctions will have on -line bidding at including pre-bidding ,so you can bid anytime, anywhere!!

The many volunteers of the historical society sincerely thank the owners of Just Sold Auctions for their help with this fundraising effort. All proceeds from the auctioned items will be donated to the Historical Society. If you have any items you would be able to donate for the future auctions on February 2 and 17- basically any item that JustSoldAuctions can ship to an out of area buyer -contact Marvis 570-222 4503. Items can be donated up to one week before the scheduled auction. All donations are tax deductible.

About Us

We are Clifford Township Area

Our society’s motto is the little organization that does big things.

Clifford township’s bicentennial celebration  in 2005 resulted in the formation  of our Historical Society. Since that time,  fantastic community support has  made it possible for our small organization to renovated the Hoover  one room school, create a Museum of Local History and  build an  Agricultural Museum.

Our most ambitious project has been the renovation of the Yarns Cider Mill,  which is now nearing  completion and  will  press apples through the original 1894 Boomer & Boschert  Screw Press inside the totally rebuild mill. But our most rewarding and just plan fun project has been the  Clifford Children’s Garden, It is located adjacent to the 38 acre Clifford Community Park  and offers a one acre enclosed area for all ages to enjoy educational signage of our local history while  children grow their imaginations and hopefully learn to love history by playing in the different sections of the Garden based in the past.